This page is dedicated to artists and customers whom we have worked with through the years. Please feel free to let us know your feedback on our services and the work that we do. However, we only request that you keep your comments free from sexist, discriminatory and rude remarks. 


Ryan, 30 


Thank you so much Above Second, you have really helped me create a name for myself. You saw the potential in me and gave me the chance to set up an exhibit in your prestigious gallery. Now, I am being regarded as an up and coming artist. I am really thankful of all the support that you have provided me. 


Barbara, 45 


About five years ago, I have discovered Above Second and saw the work that they do for the artists and artist community of Scottsdale. I am glad that they have really embarked on this particular advocacy as it helped the artists thrive in their craft. As such, I have pledged my support to their work. It has been five years since I have started engaging in the advocacy of Above Second and all I can say is that it’s been worth it. I will be pledging another five years to this advocacy and perhaps more.  


Lily, 37 


I went to the Above Second gallery just a few days ago. I am so impressed by your collections of artworks. All I can say is that all of your artworks are amazing. You are really good in curating your collection and in discovering new artists. At the same time, I am impressed by the fact that you are able to help me out in sourcing the rare artworks that I wanted. I hope that you will continue what you are doing. I an happy to recommend your gallery to my collector friends.