A lot of you are asking us various questions about our gallery and the work that we do. Feel free to explore this page for our response to the most frequently asked questions. If you need further information, just check out the Contact Us tab to send us an email. 


What is Above Second?  


Above Second is a gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded by Bradley James, Above Second showcases the best artworks that Scottsdale and the artist community of the city can offer.  


Does Above Second have an advocacy?  


Above Second works with artists and the artist community in order to help them ensure the sustainability of their artworks and their craft.  


What are the services provided by Above Second?  


Above Second offers various services. As a gallery, it showcases the work of established artists and discovers upcoming and new artists who have the talent to make it big in the industry. At the same time, it also features events and exhibits. Also, it works with the artists in terms of giving them a spotlight and focusing on their art. To do this, we have partnered with government and other stakeholders and even donors to help the art industry in Scottsdale.  


How do I buy artworks from Above Second?  


There are two ways for you to purchase artworks from Above Second. First, you can go to our physical location and see for yourself the artworks that we have available. You can then buy on the spot whatever you desire. Alternatively, you can purchase artworks online, right here on this website. Just go to the gallery section, click the artwork you want and follow the process for purchasing. 


How do I support Above Second?  


We are very happy to receive your support. Just click the Contact Us section to send us an email. We can then connect with you to discuss possibilities.