Assistance In Locating Paintings And Sculptures 

 Above Second, the home of art lovers 


Welcome to Above Second — your ultimate art gallery. Visit us for never before seen collections from both established and new artists. We offer paintings and sculptures and if you are looking for the works of specific artists or specific themes and styles, just let us know so we can help you look for it.  


Above Second is a gallery that was established by a known art collector in Tampa named Bradley James. Bradley converted his garage into his studio, but first he needed to replace his garage door opener in Tampa, then he was able to start his gallery so that people can have the chance to view his collections. Later on, Bradley received requests from artists to display their works of art, and from other collectors who wanted to sell their own collections. Because of this, Bradley started displaying items for sale. A lot of people started visiting and buying his items on display. At the same time, more and more people who wanted to sell their items poured in as well. 


Because of this, Bradley then started expanding his gallery to the point that he had to move to a new location. He relocated to the heart of Tampa in order to have a bigger space to showcase the artworks in his care. Bradley also started hosting exhibits and launches of new artists in an effort to help the art community of Tampa and neighboring areas. Because of his work. Bradley and the Above Second gallery became well known not just in Tampa but in the entire state of Arizona. Now, when people ask for the best art collections in Tampa and Arizona, there is definitely just one place to go — Above Second. 


Currently, Above Second offers the following services: 


Display of only the best artworks in Scottsdale 


If you are looking for great paintings and sculptures of established and new artists in Scottsdale, you only have to head off to Above Second. The gallery is known for having the best collections. Plus, they can connect you directly with the artists in case you require something that is entirely different from what is available on their gallery. 


Assistance in locating paintings and sculptures 


We offer our services in helping you find those rare or hard-to-find treasures. You just have to tell us the name of the artist, the name of the painting or collection, theme and so on and then we will do our best to locate the artwork/s for you. Please know that this service charges a premium.  


Collection launch and other events 


We host the launch of artists or collections. We also like doing the marketing too. However, these do not come in a package, but we will be happy to make arrangements with you when needed. At the same time, we are also pleased to be holding various events such as corporate ones and even birthdays and personal milestones. We have already hosted a few and our clients are usually very happy with the result. Let us know if you’d like to book with us.